hungry shark evolution safety guide

Do you play hungry shark evolution game? Ever wanted to try hungry shark evolution hack for unlimited coins and gems? Then our website is the destination of your search. We at will cover everything you wanted to know since long time. And we also know that you are searching for this since long time and not able to find a method which is full proof and can work every time you need resources in the game.

There are some levels in the hungry shark evolution game where gamers gets very frustrated with low amount of resources preferably coins and gems. And they try to get them for free that’s where this problem starts. Many people search on internet regarding best working trick or they search for how to hack hungry shark evolution. But we all know its not that easy to hack games. And even its illegal to hack into anyone’s server. So we don’t recommend hacking here, But there are some methods by using them you can easily obtain free coins and gems in hungry shark evolution game. So lets get started.

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The History of Hungry Shark Evolution Game

You won’t believe but its a fact that hungry shark evolution is not the first game of hungry shark series. Today we know that ubisoft gaming company owns full rights of this game, But it started in 2010 FGOL (future games of london) first developed hungry shark game. Its official name was Hungry Shark :Part 1. They released few more updates until part 3. Then FGOL released hungry shark trilogy and hungry shark nights. And finally hungry shark evolution was ready to be released across ios so they released it and it was huge hit by June 2013. And at the same time ubisoft acquired FGOL and everything completely changed since then. Also hungry shark world also got released recently by ubisoft.

Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Cheats Or Legit Methods?

As we have discussed earlier why people search for hacks and cheats we will cover here what are the real legit methods which can get you free coins and gems in hungry shark evolution game.

Of course not everything is free

So you have to put some effort to get what you want for free.

Method 1 : – Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK Hack

If you deep search on internet you might find about hungry shark evolution mod apk, Lets first learn what it is actually.

Hungry shark evolution modded apk is a modified version of game available to download as a APK file (Android Application Package). You won’t find this apk file on Google Play Store

You can get it from unofficial sources, We will try to get a link for you to download it, But be aware that you need to activate unknown sources in your phone

Or else it will not get installed on your phone. Also if its not working then immediately remove it from your phone. As this file often contents viruses and malwares

which may affect your phone’s software and hardware badly. But not all apk’s are that bad we recommend you to first install it on a phone which you are not using as a primary phone

As nowdays everyone has a backup android phone lying or kept in drawers. Use that old smartphone to install the hungry shark evolution mod apk and check whether its working fine or not.

Play the game while keeping your internet connection on for few days. If nothing suspicious happens that means you got a working hungry shark evolution hacked apk. Now just transfer this apk file to your main phone and enjoy the game. You will get many sharks unlocked and unlimited coins and gems in many apks.

Methods 2 :- Hungry Shark Evolution Memory Editor

Again you need to do some research here as there are apps available online which are having ability to change the memory numbers inside your phone.

For example Game guardian memory editor, What does this app can do is very straightforward. before installing the game you need to install this app which you can use to make changes offline on your phone and reconnect to the internet.

Your phone must be rooted to use this method otherwise it won’t work. Also most apps provided over internet are fake and some of them are old which wont work perfectly. But you can always give this method a try.

Method 3 : – Using Lucky Patcher For Coins And Gems

There are many applications like lucky patcher are available on internet which you can use to patch something in the game.

What it actually does is modify the game completely and repack a apk file which we need to install again on the device. This method works both on rooted and non rooted phones.

But rooted ones have better success rate with many features. For non rooted phones you can try it with little success. If you go to youtube then there are many tutorials available on how to use lucky patcher for hungry shark evolution game.

Method 4 : – Wait for Big Sale on Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry shark evolution game developers organize many big sales in festive seasons at that time we can buy loads of coins and gems at very cheap price or else we can also get free coins and gems with our purchases. Its a very popular way to get free coins and gems by spending less money or getting them free in offers.

Hungry Shark Evolution Coins/Gems Generator or Hack Tool (Scams)

Fake scams

This might be the most searched topic over hungry shark evolution game. Let us clear that

All hungry shark evolution generators and hack tools for free gems and coins are fake and most of the times they don’t even open correctly.

  • Truth No 1 : – Youtube Video Scams

All the youtube videos claiming to hack hungry shark evolution game is a fake scam which asks people for personal information and then sell it to

Big companies which then spam your inboxes for ages. So never try them.

  • Truth No 2: – Hacking Site Scams

Most hungry shark evolution hack sites are fake they will never help you get free coins because its not possible to hack the game online. As the game is server side and you cannot change things online until you gets an access to the server of hungry shark and technically its impossible to gain access their. So stay away from such things.

  • Truth No 3 : – Fake Generator Scams

Hungry shark evolution coins and gems generators are only used to gain your personal information, So never put your real information on such sites until you know you are doing. This might get you into trouble if you don’t follow the steps mentioned above.

Hungry Shark Evolution Hacks To Use While Gameplay

  1. Watch trailers and ads : –  you can earn gold coins and gems; by watching the advertisements, in the game you just need to tap on total gems or total coins, when watching some advertising, then you are able to win some reward like 100 coins or 5 gems, you need to see maximum 20 to 30 seconds Ad Remember that, there are only some limited ads is available for a one day; each day you will see new ads.
  2. Break sharknata: – after your shark dies in the game, you can see your scoreboard on the screen. On the bottom right corner of scoreboard screen, you can see the sharknata. This sharknata is like the lucky draw for you, break this sharknata and win prizes.
  3. Find some specific fishes and crabs: – when you are hunting in the deep sea, try to go much deep as you can because, in the deep sea, there are chances to find a gemfish. The gem fish have light green color. When you eat this fish you got one Find out bigger crabs as you can; they will also give you big rewards of the coins.
  4. Buy some baby sharks: – if you got enough money, try to buy some baby sharks because baby sharks are given double gold coins than you averagely earn. This baby shark will also come on a hunt with you like an assistant.
  5. Buy megalodon shark: – try to buy megalodon shark the megalodon shark is the most powerful shark in the game. This shark can eat everything. Megalodon can eat big stingray fish the dart of this stingray will not affect the megalodon. Megalodon can also eat nonliving things like small boats of the fisherman.
  6. Collect the daily rewards: – collect the daily reward in the game. You can collect your reward by going to the bottom of the sea when you are on the hunting in the sea go in the tunnel where the reef shark is fall in the sea. Each day in the game has a different

These are some of the best hacks for hungry shark evolution game one can use and win more than regular game currencies from the game itself.

Conclusion : – Don’t trust too good to be true.

So in this article we came to know what exactly is hungry shark evolution hack and cheats. What can generators and other hack tools actually do to harm you and your devices. How to be safe and avoid fake scam sites getting your personal information. Also we looked at how you can get free coins and gems in hungry shark evolution game the easy way. We hope you liked each and every aspect of this topic. And if you have any questions of advices then send them to us by using following comment section. until then happy gaming.